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A History of American Nursing

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    ISBN: 9781449697204
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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9781449697204


"This book is very concise, with short and easy-to-read chapters. It is well organized around the seven trends, thus easy to make comparisons among the different eras. The visual timelines help put the information into perspective.The book covers the newer issues, such as the DNP degree, and the Institute of Medicine's recommendations of 2011, as well as the advances in technology and communication techniques. Often history can be dry, but this book is written in a way that makes readers want to keep reading. Very well done."

A History of American Nursing, Second Edition provides a historical overview essential to developing a complete understanding of the nursing profession. For each key era of U.S. history, nursing is examined in the context of the sociopolitical climate of the day, the image of nurses, nursing education, advances in practice, war and its effect on nursing, licensure and regulation, and nursing research and its implications. From early nursing to Nightingale’s influence, through two world wars to today, this text engages students in an exploration of nursing’s past while connecting it to nursing practice in the present.

A History of American Nursing, Second Edition informs and empowers today’s student nurses as they help to create the future of nursing.

* Completely expanded and updated art program, including images from the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation and artist Lou Everett, a nurse educator
* New feature: Historical Happenings – short vignettes throughout each chapter that highlight a relevant medical/nursing advance and/or historical event from a particular era
* Updates to references, key people, discussion questions, and MeSH terms

Table of Contents:

Chapter  1  Introduction: Seven Trends in Nursing
Chapter  2  Reflections: The Study of Nursing History
Chapter  3  Research, Historical Sources & the Study of Nursing History
Chapter  4   Nursing in the American Colonies From the 1600s to the 1700s: The Influence of Past Ideas, Traditions, and Trends
Chapter  5  Prelude to Modern American Nursing: The Work of Florence Nightingale
Chapter  6  Nursing in the United States During the 1800s: Inspiration and Insight Lead to Nursing Reforms
Chapter  7  Nursing in the United States From 1900 to the Early 1920s: A New Century Brings Novel Ideas and Social Concerns
Chapter  8  Nursing in the United States From the 1920s to the Early 1940s: Education Rather Than Training for Nurses
Chapter  9  Nursing in the United States From the 1940s to the Early 1960s: Professionalism, Educational Reformation, and Acceptance of Minority Nurses
Chapter  10  Nursing in the United States From the 1960s to the Early 1980s: Decades of Change—Regional Conflict, Segregation, and Specialization
Chapter  11  Nursing in the United States From the 1980s to 2000: New Opportunity, Technological Advances, Nursing Autonomy and Globalization
Chapter  12  Envision the Future of Nursing in The Twenty-first Century: Global Nursing; National Healthcare Reform; Nurse Significance
Chapter  13  Information Technology and the Continued Study of Nursing History: Research Tips and Relevant Resources

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