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Aphasia Rehabilitation: Clinical Challenges

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    ISBN: 9781284042719
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781284042719

Patrick Coppens & Janet Patterson

Aphasia Rehabilitation: Clinical Challenges focuses on specific aphasia symptoms and clinical issues that present challenges for rehabilitation professionals. Contributed by experts in the field, each chapter presents a clinically relevant topic in detail while blending theoretical concepts with practical clinical applications. 

Part One provides in-depth coverage of complex aphasia symptoms and offers guidance for clinical implementation. Each topic is introduced with a review of contemporary literature followed by examples of problem-solving activities for treating patients with such symptoms. Part Two addresses clinical and service delivery issues that are at the forefront of modern clinical aphasiology and discusses how to implement them in daily clinical work. Key topics include evidence-based treatment, intensive treatment, and promoting patient motivation

  • Unique, in-depth approach to aphasia rehabilitation, with a specific focus on difficult clinical issues
  • Evidence-Based suggestions for treatment
  • Case Illustrations in each chapter bring concepts to life and facilitate student comprehension
  • Combines a thorough review of the pertinent literature with specific, focused clinical suggestions for implementation in contemporary clinical practice

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Challenging Symptoms  
Chapter 1 Perseveration: Clinical Features and Considerations for Treatment  
Chapter 2 Paraphasias  
Chapter 3 Therapy for People with Jargon Aphasia  
Chapter 4 Agrammatic Aphasia  
Chapter 5 Echophenomena in Aphasia: Causal Mechanisms and Clues for Intervention  
Chapter 6 Stroke-Related Acquired Neurogenic Stuttering  
Part 2: Challenging Treatment Components  
Chapter 7 Generalization in Aphasiology: What are the Best Strategies?  
Chapter 8 Complementing Therapy Using Multimodal Strategies  
Chapter 9 Treatment Intensity in Aphasia Rehabilitation  
Chapter 10 Selecting, Combining, and Bundling Different Therapy Approaches  
Chapter 11 Integrating Principles of Evidence-Based Practice in Aphasia Rehabilitation  
Chapter 12 Understanding Motivation in Aphasia Rehabilitation  
Chapter 13 Operationalizing Informal Assessment  

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