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Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management

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 Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management is a comprehensive overview of the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in all aspects of healthcare management. Beginning with a survey of HRM, from its beginnings to present-day trends, the text moves on to cover state and federal healthcare laws, codes of ethics, staffing organizations, training and development, employee relations, and long-term planning.

Each section focuses on a key area of HRM, with individual chapters providing support materials and resources for personnel. The text is designed to be equally accessible and useful for both established human resource departments in large-scale organizations and general managers of smaller organisations with no specialized HR department.

As the caretakers of health care’s most valuable assets-its people-human resource managers play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management provides the essential tools and strategies for HRM personnel to become empowered custodians of change in any healthcare organization. Taking into account the increasing diversity of patients and employees, the effects of technology and globalization on healthcare delivery, new trends in medical tourism, and the increased focus on accountability for service providers, this text is an essential resource for HRM students and practitioners alike.

Key Features:

    Clearly established learning objectives for each chapter
    Concise summary of chapter materials in the concluding section
    List of key vocabulary terms for each chapter
    Student workbook activities to encourage concept retention and facilitate engagement
    Reference section at the end of each chapter for further reading

Table of Contents:

About the Author  
  Part  I  Introduction
    Chapter  1  What is Human Resource Management?
    Chapter  2  Legal and Ethical Issues in the Health Care Workplace
  Part  II  Staffing the Organization
    Chapter  3  Designing Jobs for the Health Care Organization
    Chapter  4  Recruitment of the Health Care Workforce
  Part  III  Developing and Staffing the Organization
    Chapter  5  Motivating Health Care Employees
    Chapter  6  Careers in Health Care
    Chapter  7  Health Care Employee Benefits
  Part  IV  Employee Relations
    Chapter  8  Labor Unions and Health Care
    Chapter  9  Terminating Health Care Employees
  Part  V  Long Term Planning in HR
    Chapter  10  Emerging and Future Trends in Healthcare
    Chapter  11  Strategic Human Resource Management

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