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Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement

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While quality improvement methods and approaches have become well accepted in American Industry, they have been slower to catch on in the largest American industry—and arguably the most important: the health care services.

A clear understanding of basic quality improvement methods, applications, and approaches is critical foundation for a successful career in health care administration.

Building on the success of his previous text, Quality Management in Health Care: Principles and Methods, Dr. Lighter’s new book, Basics of Performance Improvement; A Lean Six Sigma Approach, is an ideal first course for students learning the basics of Lean Six Sigma, and its application in improving health care quality and patient outcomes.

Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate level courses, the book also serves as an excellent reference for basic quality improvement approaches for QI professionals.

Topic areas include:

    DMAIC Phase Tools: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
    Creating the business case for improving healthcare performance
    Group Processes in healthcare PI
    Process tools in QI
    Medical informatics and data resources
    Process control
    Advanced statistical applications
    Approaches to improvement - standardization
    Integration of care systems
    Alignment and integration of performance improvement systems – the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
    Accreditation and certification programs
    Lean Six Sigma Case Studies

Instructor Resources: Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint Presentations, and a TestBank

Table of Contents:

  Chapter  1  Why is performance improvement the “big new thing”?
  Chapter  2  Define Phase Tools
  Chapter  3  Measure Phase Tools
  Chapter  4  Analyze Phase Tools
  Chapter  5  Improve Phase Tools
  Chapter  6  Control Phase Tools
  Chapter  7  LSS Case Studies in Health Care
  Epilogue  DMAIC in an Era of Reform
  Appendix  1  Quality Measures

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