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Communication Disorders in Educational and Medical Settings

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    First edition
    ISBN: 9780763776480

William O. Haynes

Communication Disorders in Educational and Medical Settings is a useful guide for the speech-language pathologist in working with other professionals in school and medical environments and includes practical suggestions for involvement of these professionals in the assessment and remediation process. This valuable resource will help speech-language pathologist students gain an appreciation of the variety of roles and responsibilities they will take on in educational and medical settings and how to work with educational and health professionals.
This text is also helpful for the health professions practitioners and educational professionals to gain basic knowledge of the nature of various communication disorders and become aware of how they might play a role in the treatment process in collaboration with the speech-language pathologist. Whether you are an educator, health professional or speech-language pathologist, you will find this accessible introduction to the field of communication disorders to be exciting, interesting and relevant to your future work.

Instructor Resources: PowerPoint Slides, and a TestBank with Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-blank and Discussion Questions
Features & Benefits

    Presents a broad coverage of the field of communications disorders, yet remains at an accessible introductory level
    Focuses on work settings and collaboration
    Provides suggestions for teachers and health professionals on how to deal with patients who have communication disorders and how to cooperate with the SLP
    Covers themes highlighting assessment information, treatment overviews, tips for educators, and tips for health care professionals
    Addresses educational impacts of speech/language problems as well as coverage of quality of life issues across the life span for each communication disorder
    Useful to a wide range of professionals

Table of Contents

Chapter  1  Communication Disorders in Educational and Medical Settings: Background, Legal/Administrative Issues, Professional Roles and Service Delivery Models
Chapter  2  Normal Aspects of Communication
Chapter  3  Communication Development Through the Lifespan
Chapter  4  Speech Sound Disorders
Chapter  5  Children with Limited Language
Chapter  6  School-Age and Adolescent Language Disorders
Chapter  7  An Overview of Multicultural Issues in Communication Disorders
Chapter  8  Fluency Disorders
Chapter  9  Voice Disorders and Altered Methods of Breathing
Chapter  10  Hearing Loss
Chapter  11  Cleft Lip/Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies
Chapter  12  Adult Language Disorders
Chapter  13  Specific Neurologically-Based Impairments
Chapter  14  Communication Disorders and Success: Academic, Occupational and Quality of Life Issues

Dr. William O. Haynes earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Northern Michigan University and a Ph.D. in Communication Disorders from Bowling Green State University. He has co-authored six major textbooks in communication disorders on topics such as language acquisition, diagnosis, clinical practicum, communication disorders in educational settings and research methods/evidence-based practice. Dr. Haynes has published many research articles and has presented his findings at national and international professional conferences. He currently holds the rank of Professor Emeritus in the Auburn University Department of Communication Disorders.

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