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Community Health Nursing, Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9781449651770
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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9781449651770

HolzemerĀ & Klainberg

Written in an accessible, user-friendly, and practical style, this Second Edition of Community Health Nursing: Alliance for Health provides a focused and highly engaging introduction to community health nursing. It focuses on health care for people in their homes and where they live with an overriding emphasis on care of the client in the community, and the business and politics of community health nursing.

Key features:

- Incorporates information on public health nurses, community health nurses and the visiting nurse

- Includes guiding principles for nursing in the community, interdisciplinary communication, community-based needs of clients, systems of care management, resource allocation in the community, and project management

- Covers important community health topics, such as homelessness and vulnerable populations, and interstate, international, and global health concerns
- Includes Instructor Resources, such as PowerPoint Presentations and a Test Bank
- Each new print book comes with an Access Code for a robust Companion Website full of online activities to enhance the student learning experience

Table of contents:

Section  I  Guiding Principles and Theoretical Orientation for Community Health Nursing
  Chapter  1  Providing Care to Clients in the Community
  Chapter  2  An Ethical and Cultural Context for Care in the Community
  Chapter  3  The Vision for the Alliance for Health Model
  Chapter  4  Relating Health Policy and Evidence-Based Research in the Community
  Chapter  5  Clear Communication and Information Management in the Community
Section  II  Assessment and Diagnosis of the Voice of the Client, by People Who Provide Care to Them.
  Chapter  6  Narratives of Courage: The Voice of Clients in Community Health Nursing
  Chapter  7  Expertise of the Compassionate Nurse in Community-Based Care
Section  III  Assessment and Diagnosis of Community-Based Needs
  Chapter  8  Validity and Reliability in Epidemiology and Environmental Health
  Chapter  9  Inquiry and Health Promotion, Health Maintenance, and Health Restoration in the Community
Section  IV  Assessment and Diagnosis Related to the Systems of Care Management and Resource Allocation
  Chapter  10  Flexibility and Systems of Care Management for Providing Care in the Community
  Chapter  11  Justice and Resource Allocation for the Family and Community
Section  V  Community Program Development
  Chapter  12  Precision and Principles of Community Program Development
  Chapter  13  Using Project Management for Successful and Viable Community Program Change
  Chapter  14  Staying Alert as the Key to Emergency and Disaster Management
Section  VI  The Future of Community Health
  Chapter  15  Responsibility and Interstate, International and Global Community Health Concerns
  Chapter  16  Creating an Evidence-based Future in Community Health Nursing

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