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Community Health Nursing, Third Edition

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    ISBN: 9781449691493
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    Third Edition
    ISBN: 9781449691493

Karen Saucier Lundy & Sharyn Janes

About the Text

Community Health Nursing, Third Edition bridges the gap between theory and effective community health nursing practice. It incorporates multiple viewpoints and challenges the reader to think beyond conventional views of community and public health.  The text discusses the need to educate the public and specialty populations and promotes a healthy life style. The Third Edition emphasizes the international applications of community and public health and incorporates updates and changes from Healthy People 2020.

Updates to Third Edition:  

    Revised TOC and many revised chapters
    Updated photos and features
    New focus on ACA and Healthy People 2020

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Table of Contents

Part  I  The Context of Population Health and Community-Focused Nursing
  Chapter  1  Opening the Door to Health Care in the Community
  Chapter  2  History of Community and Public Health Nursing
  Chapter  3  Community and Population Health: Assessment and Intervention
  Chapter  4   Epidemiology
  Chapter  5  Transforming The Public’s Health Care System
  Chapter  6  The Home Visit
  Chapter  7  Global Health
Part  II  Influences on Community and Population Health
  Chapter  8  Economics of Health Care
  Chapter  9  Politics and the Law
  Chapter  10  Health Policy
  Chapter  11  Transcultural Health
  Chapter  12  Ethics and Health
  Chapter  13  Environmental Health
Part  III  Care of Communities and Populations
  Chapter  14  Health Promotion and Wellness
  Chapter  15  Spirituality, Faith and Health Ministries
  Chapter  16  Complementary and Holistic Health
  Chapter  17  Health Education in the Community
  Chapter  18  Groups in the Community
Part  IV  Common Community and Population Health Problems and Issues
  Chapter  19  Disaster Preparedness in the Community
  Chapter  20  Communicable and Infectious Disease
  Chapter  21  HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
  Chapter  22  Substance Abuse and Misuse
  Chapter  23  Violence and the Community
Part  V  Vulnerable Populations
  Chapter  24  Vulnerability: An Overview
  Chapter  25  Urban and Rural Populations
  Chapter  26  Adolescent Pregnancy
  Chapter  27  Psychiatric Care and Mental Health in the Community
  Chapter  28  Chronic Illness and Disabilities
Part  VI  Health Across The Lifespan
  Chapter  29  Foundations of Family Care—
  Chapter  30  Family Health and Illness
  Chapter  31  Women’s Health
  Chapter  32  Men’s Health
  Chapter  33  Child and Adolescent Health
  Chapter  34  Older Adult Health
Part  VII  Diversity in Community Health Nursing Roles
  Chapter  35  Public Health Nursing: Pioneers of Healthcare Reform
  Chapter  36  Home Health and Hospice Nursing
  Chapter  37  School Health Nursing
  Chapter  38  Occupational Health Nursing

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