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Community Nutrition, Third Edition - COMING SOON

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    ISBN: 9781284108323
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    Community Nutrition, Third Edition
    ISBN: 9781284108323

Nweze Nnakwe

Each new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools.

Community Nutrition: Planning Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Third Edition provides students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and evidence-based approaches they need to assess, implement, and evaluate community-based nutrition interventions that promote health and prevent diseases.

In Part I, “Overview of the Public Health Nutrition Landscape,” the text defines the parameters of community nutrition, explains community-based nutrition screening and assessment, and delves into public policy and food assistance programs. Part II, “Nutrition Interventions for Vulnerable Populations,” addresses how the community nutritionist can engage individuals across the life cycle. Part III, “Delivering Successful Nutrition Services,” focuses on the skills and tools community nutritionists need to design effective nutrition and health promotion programs.

Features & Benefits

  • Learning Objectives emphasise key concepts to help students focus on what they need to learn.
  • Chapter Outlines provide the student with a road-map of topics that will be discussed in the chapter.
  • Successful Intervention Strategies boxes highlight effective intervention programs and provide examples of best research-based practices for each chapter.
  • Think About It boxes provide thought provoking questions and/or a scenarios that emphasise important concepts in each chapter.
  • Chapter Summaries highlight important concepts from each chapter.
  • Critical Thinking Activities provide students with the opportunity to understand and evaluate health information and then apply the concepts in the community settings. Students will develop skills in important cognitive functions and learn a variety of cognitive skills such as synthesizing, analyzing, applying, and evaluating information.
  • Case Studies allow students to apply what they have learned in each chapter.  Each case study contains Nutrition Care Process chart that is designed to inspire students to become more involved in working on the case study.
Table of Contents

Part 1 Overview of the Public Health Nutrition Landscape  
  Chapter 1 Community Nutrition and Public Health  
  Chapter 2 Nutrition Screening and Assessment  
  Chapter 3 Nutritional Epidemiology and Research Methods  
  Chapter 4 U.S. Nutrition Monitoring and Food Assistance Programs  
  Chapter 5 Cultural Influences and Public Health Nutrition  
  Chapter 6 Public Policy and Nutrition  
  Chapter 7 Public Health Nutrition: An International Perspective  
Part 2 Nutrition Interventions for Vulnerable Populations  
  Chapter 8 Nutrition During Pregnancy and Infancy  
  Chapter 9 Nutrition in Childhood and Adolescence  
  Chapter 10 Adulthood: Special Health Issues  
  Chapter 11 Promoting Health and Preventing Disease in Older Persons  
Part 3 Delivering Successful Nutrition Services  
  Chapter 12 Principles of Planning Effective Community Nutrition Programs  
  Chapter 13 Theories and Models for Health Promotion and Changing Nutrition Behaviour  
  Chapter 14 Acquiring Grantsmanship Skills  
  Chapter 15 Ethics and Nutrition Practice  
  Chapter 16 Principles of Nutrition Education  
  Chapter 17 Marketing Nutrition Programs and the Role of Food Industry in Food Choice  
  Chapter 18 Private and Government Healthcare Systems  

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