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Counseling and Interviewing in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

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    ISBN: 9781284074987
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781284074987

Cari M. Tellis & Louise Barone

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Counseling and Interviewing in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology includes an overview of the role of counseling and the skills and techniques specific to counseling and interviewing. It provides a solutions-focused approach, integrating counseling and treatment using advanced communication skills to better understand and coach the patient. This unique guide uses original models and inventive techniques to impart the most helpful approaches to counseling as part of the therapy process in speech-language pathology and audiology. Filled with strategically positioned real life scenarios, each chapter delves into a key aspect of counseling, simplifying and clarifying the concepts and methods clinicians will find practical and comprehensive.

The models, methods, and illustrations in the book have been field tested in actual counseling courses for over 10 years, and student input has confirmed the relevance and impact of the text. A Solution Focus approach provides the book’s overarching theme and assures that clinicians and their clients remain committed to achieving well crafted, disorder-specific goals while they engage in sound and varied counseling methodologies.

Methods and scenarios delve into important variables that affect counseling choices, variables like culture, beliefs, age, and cognitive functioning. Crucial to success are the clients’ “Circle of Power,” people in the clients’ lives who can become allies or adversaries depending in part on the clinician’s adeptness at counseling. This valuable resource provides a wide range of ways to increase the probability that results will be long-lasting, that the preferred future will be attained, that quality of life will be permanently enhanced.

Table of Contents:
Section 1 Groundwork for Interviewing and Counseling in Communication Science and Disorders  
  Chapter 1 The Role of Counseling in Communication Science and Disorders  
  Chapter 2 A Framework for Effective Counseling in Communication Science and Disorders  
Section 2 The Solution Cycle – Phase One: Learning – “Telling the Story”  
  Chapter 3 Responsive Listening  
  Chapter 4 Small Talk: Climate, Attitudes and Motivations  
  Chapter 5 Information: Knowledge Transfer in the Counseling Process  
Section 3 The Solution Cycle – Phase Two: Choosing Allies – “Developing the Circle of Power”  
  Chapter 6 Affirmation: Self and Stigma, Doubt and Confidence  
  Chapter 7 Alliances: Getting Support  
Section 4 The Solution Cycle – Phase Three: Envisioning the Preferred Future – “Setting Goals”  
  Chapter 8 Persuasion/Direction: Changing Client Behavior  
  Chapter 9 Readiness as Openness  
Section 5 The Solution Cycle – Phase Four: Creating the Preferred Future – “Making it Happen”  
  Chapter 10 Feeling: Thoughts and Emotions, Willingness and Resistance  
  Chapter 11 Goal Attainment: Tools and Strategies  
  Chapter 12 Becoming One’s Own Clinician  

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