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Cultural Competencies for Nurses

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    ISBN: 9781449688073
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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9781449688073


By compiling the history and theory behind cultural competency in nursing and health care, Cultural Competencies for Nurses: Impact on Health and Illness, Second Edition offers key information regarding health beliefs and the impact of culture on health and illness. This new edition contains an overview of the predominant cultural competency nursing theories, impact of diversity on health disparities, information on the health beliefs of several minority groups, and case studies to enhance student learning. This text is an excellent resource for courses that emphasize health promotion and disease prevention.

Table of Contents:

Unit  1  
    Chapter  1  Birth of Transcultural Nursing to Current Theories and Conceptual Models for Cultural Diversity
    Chapter  2  Culture
    Chapter  3  Global Diversity
    Chapter  4  Organization of Healthcare Delivery in the 21st Century
Unit  2  
    Chapter  5  Black Americans
    Chapter  6  Hispanics/Latinos
    Chapter  7  Asians/Pacific Islanders
    Chapter  8  Native Americans
    Chapter  9  Whites (Non-Hispanic)
  Appendix  Muslims and Hindus

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