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Dx/Rx: Liver Cancer

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    ISBN: 9781449646868
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    First edition
    ISBN: 9781449646868


Dx/Rx: Liver Cancer is a quick and practical reference guide containing all aspects of the diagnosis and therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), prognostic and staging systems, clinical management, molecular biology, current controversies, and future insights. Organized into a condensed, bulleted format, this concise reference offers precise and up-to-date information on the epidemiology, classification, diagnosis, treatment, and risk factors for cancers of the liver.

Presented in a handy, easy-to-read format, Dx/Rx: Liver Cancer is a must-have resource for oncologists, internists, primary care physicians, and other health care professionals on the ward or in the clinic.

Table of Contents:

Chapter  1  Epidemiology
Chapter  2  Clinical Features
Chapter  3  Diagnostic Workup
Chapter  4  Staging and Prognosis
Chapter  5  Histopathology
Chapter  6  Genetics and Molecular Biology
Chapter  7  Management
Chapter  8  Surveillance, Screening, and Prevention
Chapter  9  Future Trends and Controversies

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