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Dx/Rx: Prostate Cancer

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    ISBN: 9780763794538
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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9780763794538


Dx/Rx: Prostate Cancer, Second Edition is a thoroughly revised and updated pocket-sized manual that details precise, up-to-date information for diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer. Throughout the book, tables and figures summarize important clinical data and current professional society recommendations, while salient references direct readers to additional information.

Updates have been made to the Second Edition, including additional information on treatment options for both early and advanced prostate cancer, an improved staging section, including representative scans as well as new information on complications and para-neoplastic syndromes

Dx/Rx: Prostate Cancer features current, quick and concise information and is a must-have resource for instant access on the ward or in the clinic.

Table of Contents:

Section  1  Introduction
  Chapter  1  Basic Principles
Section  2  Clinical State: No Cancer Diagnosis
  Chapter  2  The Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
  Chapter  3  Pathology of Prostate Cancer
Section  3  Clinical State: Localized Disease
  Chapter  4  Staging and Risk Assessment
  Chapter  5  Primary Management of Favorable- and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer
  Chapter  6  Management of High-Risk Prostate Cancer—Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Strategies
Section  4  Clinical State: Rising PSA
  Chapter  7  Biochemical Failure and Salvage Therapy
Section  5  Clinical States: Castrate and Noncastrate Metastatic Disease
  Chapter  8  Hormone Therapy of Prostate Cancer
  Chapter  9  Treatment of Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer (CMPC)
  Chapter  10  Selected Complications of Advanced Prostate Cancer

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