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Environmental Geology Today

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    ISBN: 9781449684877

Abel, McConnell

Designed for the undergraduate, introductory environmental geology course , Environmental Geology Today presents the core geological principles and explores the effects of humanity on the physical environment. Contemporary case studies throughout encourage students to use their critical thinking skills to dissect the subject matter as part of their overall analysis.

The numerous case studies are drawn from topical current events that relate to the chapter material and contain numerical data. Using simple math, graphing, and critical thinking, the authors challenge students to analyze aspects of the data, honing their basic math and analytical skills. With a focus on teaching students to think critically about our environment, Environmental Geology Today is a fresh and modern exploration of this ever-evolving field.

Features & Benefits:

- Fosters students’ development of analytical and critical thinking skills through the use of numerous contemporary case studies designed to engage students in the material and maintain their interest.

- Math is introduced in a non-threatening, step-by-step manner, allowing students to identify their own errors early in the process, thereby gradually building confidence in their mathematical abilities.

- Covers the core undergraduate, introductory environmental geology topics, including earthquakes, population growth, floods and other coastal hazards, land use, natural resources, and more.

- Features global, national, and regional issues, but also shows students how to retrieve and use information to address critical local issues like population growth and development, air and water pollution, land use, and waste disposal.

- Accompanied by a complete ancillary package, instructor resources include PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, PowerPoint Image Bank, and Test Bank.

Table of Contents:

Chapter  1  How to Approach the Issues in This Book: The Scientific Method, Critical Thinking, and Logical Fallacies
Chapter  2  The Language of Environmental Geology: Basic Assumptions and Principles
Chapter  3  Human Population Growth
Chapter  4  Global Tectonics and Geohazards
Chapter  5  Volcanic Hazards
Chapter  6  Earthquakes
Chapter  7  Water: The Ultimate Resource
Chapter  8  Groundwater
Chapter  9  Floods: Their Nature, Origin, and Impact
Chapter  10  Geohazards from Surface Failure: Mass Wasting and Subsidence
Chapter  11  The Coast and Coastal Hazards
Chapter  12  Soils and Agriculture
Chapter  13  Mineral Resources
Chapter  14  Energy and Emissions: Global Trends
Chapter  15  Fossil Fuels: Coal
Chapter  16  Fossil Fuels: Oil and Natural Gas
Chapter  17  Renewable and Alternative Energy
Chapter  18  Water Pollution: Today’s Challenges
Chapter  19  Air Pollution
Chapter  20  The Impacts of Global Climate Change
Chapter  21  Land Use, Development, and Zoning
Chapter  22  Waste Production, Reduction, and Disposal
Chapter  23  Geology and Environmental Health
Chapter  24  Development, Trade, and Environmental Quality
Appendix  I  Periodic Table of Elements
Appendix  II  Classification of Rocks
Appendix  III  Geologic Time and the Time Scale
Appendix  IV  Basic Math and Scientific Notation
Appendix  V  Population Math Made Easy

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