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    ISBN: 9781284038781
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    Fourth edition
    ISBN: 9781284038781


Essential Medical Terminology, Fourth Edition is updated with a new full-color design as well as new and revised terms and definitions. The Fourth Edition includes more than 200 full-color photos, illustrations, and tables to enhance key points and aid comprehension.

This best-selling introduction to medical terminology is based on the body-systems method and is flexible enough to be used in traditional or self-instructional course formats. Suited for students of all levels in the health professions, this accessible text provides the appropriate amount of detail needed to learn the basics of medical terminology. After learning the fundamentals of pronunciation, students can study the chapters in any order the instructor deems appropriate.


• New and revised terms
• Additional test questions
• Objectives added to selected chapters
• Updated bibliography in Appendix B
• Several new interactive learning tools


    Confusing Medical Terms – Compares and defines similar sounding terms
    Pharmacology and Medical Terminology – Relates medical terminology to drugs and their classification, function, and active ingredients
    Allied Health Professions – Lists specialties and specialists
    New full-color photographs and illustrations showing common clinical disorders and associated anatomy

Instructor Resources:

    Test Bank featuring 958 questions. Available for: Angel, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and Moodle. Please send additional systems requests to your Health Professions Account Specialist.
    PowerPoint Presentations for all chapters, with each presentation featuring between 10-15 slides
    Instructor’s Manual with suggested activities, case studies, and a final exam

Student Resources: The Navigate Companion Web Site including an Interactive Glossary with audio pronunciation, Crossword Puzzles, Interactive Flashcards, Printable Flashcards, Matching Exercises, and Web Links.

Each new copy of Essential Medical Terminology, Fourth Edition includes an access code for the Navigate Companion Website. Please note some electronic formats do not include access to the companion website. Access to the companion website may be purchased separately.

Table of Contents:

Unit  I  Word Parts and Medical Terminology
  Chapter  1  Word Pronunciations
  Chapter  2  Word Parts and Word Building Rules
Unit  II  Root Words, Medical Terminology, and Patient Care
  Chapter  3  Bacteria, Color, and Some Medical Terms
  Chapter  4  Body Openings and Plural Endings
  Chapter  5  Numbers, Positions, and Directions
  Chapter  6  Medical and Health Professions
Unit  III  Abbreviations
  Chapter  7  Medical Abbreviations
  Chapter  8  Diagnostic and Laboratory Abbreviations
Unit  IV  Review
  Chapter  9  Review of Units I, II, and III
Unit  V  Medical Terminology and Body Systems
  Chapter  10  Body Organs and Parts
  Chapter  11  Integumentary System
  Chapter  12  Digestive System
  Chapter  13  Respiratory System
  Chapter  14  Cardiovascular System
  Chapter  15  Nervous System
  Chapter  16  Genitourinary System
  Chapter  17  Musculoskeletal System
  Chapter  18  Eyes and Ears
  Chapter  19  Endocrine System
  Chapter  20  Cancer Medicine
Appendix  A  Answer Keys
Appendix  B  Bibliography

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