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Essentials of Planning and Evaluation for Public Health

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    ISBN: 9781284050196
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781284050196

Karen (Kay) M. Perrin

Filled with cases and examples from across the spectrum of Public Health specialties, Essentials of Planning and Evaluation for Public Health provides students with a basic understanding of the importance of and the key approaches used to conduct and evaluate effective public health programs.

Organized in a step-by-step process, the chapters offer an accessible and engaging overview of topics needed to review published literature, collect primary data, analyze data using basic statistics, and present results in written or verbal formats for their intended audiences.

Examples and case studies are woven throughout, from a broad array of public health applications such as global health, environmental health, community health, and social science.

Key Features:

•    Offers a clear, easy-to-read, foundational overview of the process of Public Health program evaluation
•    Includes an easy explanation of basic statistics using Microsoft Excel
•    Uses many examples and cases specific to the field of Public Health
•    Authored by an award-winning professor in undergraduate public health studies

Table of Contents:

  Chapter  1  Purpose
  Chapter  2  Ethics
  Chapter  3  Determinants of Health
  Chapter  4  Theories and Models
  Chapter  5  Reliability and Validity
  Chapter  6  Qualitative Data
  Chapter  7  Evaluation Design
  Chapter  8  Surveys
  Chapter  9  Data Tools
  Chapter  10  Populations and Samples
  Chapter  11  Inferential Statistics
  Chapter  12  Budgets and Cost Analyses
  Chapter  13  Reports and Presentations
  Chapter  14  Case Study: Learn, Experience, and Achieve Program (LEAP): Program Planning and Evaluation

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