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Essentials of Public Health Biology - COMING SOON

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    ISBN: 9781284077919
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781284077919

Loretta DiPietro, Julie Deloia & Victor Barbiero

Essentials of Public Health Biology is designed as an introductory text for undergraduates and as part of the MPH core that aims: (1) to provide an overview of current knowledge about the biologic mechanisms of diseases that are major causes of death and disability in both developed and developing countries; (2) to understand and interpret the reciprocal relationships of genetic, environmental, and behavioral determinants of health and disease within an ecologic context; and (3) to provide opportunities to analyse, discuss and communicate biologic principles of disease across the biological and the public health spectra.

Key Features:
  • Describes fundamental biologic concepts of the disease process as they relate to important communicable (CD) and noncommunicable (NCD) diseases that are observed globally in public health.
  • Introduces these fundamental concepts with regard to their relation to exposures and disease outcomes across the public health spectrum.
  • Examines the role of host and environmental factors in determining susceptibility and resistance to disease.
  • Explores the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary public health issues and the role that various professionals play in addressing these issues.
  • Looks at the social, legal, ethical, economic, and political context of contemporary public health problems.
  • Engages students in understanding effective oral and written communication skills for communicating with lay and public health audiences.

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