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Essentials of Public Health, Third Edition Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access

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    ISBN: 9781284069358
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    Third edition
    ISBN: 9781284069358

Bernard J. Turnock

As one of the foundational texts in the Essential Public Health series, Essentials of Public Health is an excellent introduction to the field of public health.

Available January 2015

Includes access to free e-book.

Each new print copy of Essentials of Public Health,Third Edition also includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a complete eBook, Study Center, homework and Assessment Center, and a dashboard that reports actionable data.

Written for senior-level undergraduates or graduate students in public health, health science, nursing, and other health professions, Essentials of Public Health gives special focus to public health careers and the workings of public health agencies. Combining the best elements of Dr. Turnock's other books: Public Health: What It Is and How It Works and Public Health: Career Choices That Make a Difference, Essentials of Public Health, Third Edition, uses clear, reader-friendly language and helpful learning tools such as chapter exercises and discussion questions, making it an ideal text to prepare your students for the profession of public health.

New to the Third Edition:

- Comprehensive new coverage of topics such as: the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, strategic planning, accreditation of public health organizations and credentialing of public health workers
- Extensive information on state and local public health practice derived from national surveys conducted since 2012
- Two separate chapters on Community Public Health Practice and Emergency Preparedness (formerly covered in one single chapter)
- New conceptual frameworks for the public health system, overall health system, and public health workforce
- An examination of an additional 16 different public health occupations—a total of 39 covered in all
- More than 60 new or revised charts and tables and a series of “outside-the-book thinking” exercises appears in each chapter.

This book:

- Defines and describes the public health system
- Provides concepts and tools for measuring health in populations
- Characterizes the relationship of the public health system with medical care and other elements of the overall health system
- Identifies government’s unique contributions through federal, state, and local public health agencies
- Offers basic information on the size and composition of the public health workforce
- Addresses careers and jobs in public health administration, epidemiology, public health nursing, health education, and more.

Table of Contents

The Essential Public Health Series
New to This Edition
About the Author
  1  What Is Public Health?
  2  Measuring Population Health
  3  Public Health and the Health System
  4  Law, Government, and Public Health
  5  21st-Century Community Public Health Practice
  6  Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response
  7  Public Health Workforce
  8  Public Health Administration
  9  Environmental and Occupational Health
  10  Public Health Nursing
  11  Epidemiology and Disease Control
  12  Public Health Education and Information
  13  Additional Public Health Professional and Technical Occupations
  14  Public Health Practice: Future Challenges

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