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Evidence Based Practice for Nurses: Appraisal and Application of Research, Third Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284053302
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    Third Edition
    ISBN: 9781284053302

Nola A. Schmidt & Janet M. Brown

About the Text
Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses: Appraisal and Application of Research, Third Edition is the definitive reference for transitioning research into nursing practice. Based on the innovation-decision process (IDP), each unit is shaped according to the five steps of the IDP: knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation. This unique organizational approach, combined with
updated case studies and ethical principles, allows the research process to be tangible and linked with strategies that promote advancement.

• Updated and expanded “Apply What You Have Learned” feature prompts students to find, read, and evaluate current research
• “Keeping it Ethical” ties relevant ethical issues in to each chapter
• Practice questions in every chapter help students test their knowledge as they work through the material
• Chapter objectives, key terms, and critical thinking exercises help guide and focus study

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Table of Contents

Unit  I  Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice
  Chapter  1  What Is Evidence-Based Practice?
  Chapter  2  Using Evidence through Collaboration to Promote Excellence in Nursing Practice
Unit  II  Acquisition of Knowledge
  Chapter  3  Identifying Research Questions
  Chapter  4  Finding Sources of Evidence
  Chapter  5  Linking Theory, Research, and Practice
Unit  III  Persuasion
  Chapter  6  Key Principles of Quantitative Designs
  Chapter  7  Quantitative Designs: Using Numbers to Provide Evidence
  Chapter  8  Epidemiological Designs: Using Data to Understand Populations
  Chapter  9  Qualitative Designs: Using Words to Provide Evidence
  Chapter  10  Collecting Evidence
  Chapter  11  Using Samples to Provide Evidence
  Chapter  12  Other Sources of Evidence
Unit  IV  Decision
  Chapter  13  What Do the Quantitative Data Mean?
  Chapter  14  What Do the Qualitative Data Mean?
  Chapter  15  Weighing In on the Evidence
Unit  V  Implementation
  Chapter  16  Transitioning Evidence to Practice
  Chapter  17  Developing Oneself as an Innovator
Unit  VI  Confirmation
  Chapter  18  Evaluating Outcomes of Innovations
  Chapter  19  Sharing the Insights With Others

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