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Fundamentals of Audiology for the Speech-Language Pathologist

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Fundamentals of Audiology for the Speech-Language Pathologist is specifically written for the speech-language pathologist working with hearing impaired populations. This helpful text incorporates the expertise of audiologists along with the knowledge and experience of speech-language pathologists and combines the theories and training of both disciplines in order to facilitate the practical application of foundational audiologic information into speech language pathology practice. This comprehensive text also covers the type and degree of hearing loss and the resulting auditory, speech, and language difficulties.

Fundamentals of Audiology for the Speech-Language Pathologist is consistent with the current education philosophy of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  Specifically, it addresses both knowledge and skills by integrating the science and technical aspects of audiology with current habilitative and rehabilitative strategies of the field. Pedagogical features include Chapter Objectives, Key Terms, Chapter Summaries, and Discussion Questions.

The speech-language pathologist (SLP) may find him- or herself working in a wide range of settings, including medical, educational, rehabilitative, and industrial. Regardless of the setting, throughout their career they are quite likely to find themselves working with an individual who is hard of hearing or deaf. It is perhaps even more likely that the SLP will work with multiply impaired individuals with a wide variety of comorbidities, one of which may be hearing loss. Fundamentals of Audiology for the Speech-Language Pathologist will help prepare SLP students and professionals with key knowledge for a wide-range of clinical encounters involving hard of hearing and deaf populations.


    Behavioral and objective auditory screening and assessment, interpretation of results, and treatment considerations
    Concomitant acoustic, speech, language, and communication effects associated with different types and degrees of hearing impairment
    The hearing impaired child in the school setting, including description of laws for children with hearing impairment, parental rights, classroom modifications, and troubleshooting techniques for amplification and assistive listening devices
    A review of the evaluation of speech and language skills in the hearing impaired population and a list of appropriate tools for use by speech-language pathologists to assess these abilities
    Social emotional and counseling issues

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    Sound Traveling Through the Ear
    Standard Testing Protocol and Procedures
    Normal Hearing
    Minimal Hearing Loss
    Otitis Media
    Moderate Sensorineural Hearing Loss
    "Cookie Bite" Audiogram
    Mixed Hearing Loss
    High Frequency Hearing Loss
    Profound Hearing Loss
    Soundfield Testing

Table of Contents

Chapter  1  The Speech-Language Pathologist in Audiology Services: An Interprofessional Collaboration
Chapter  2  Sound and Hearing
Chapter  3  Audiometric Equipment
Chapter  4  Case History Assessment and the Process of Differential Diagnosis
Chapter  5  Pure Tone Audiometry and Masking
Chapter  6  Speech Audiometry
Chapter  7  Otoscopy and the Middle Ear Test Battery
Chapter  8  Beyond the Basics
Chapter  9  Interpretation of Audiometric Results
Chapter  10  Hearing Aids and Hearing Assistance Technology for Children and Adults
Chapter  11  Laws, Standards, and Guidelines
Chapter  12  Understanding Auditory Development and the Child with Hearing Loss
Chapter  13  Hearing Issues in the Early Intervention Years
Chapter  14  Audiology Services in the School System
Chapter  15  Aural (Re)habilitation
Chapter  16  Diagnosis and Treatment of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders: A Collaborative Approach
Chapter  17  Acute, Sub-Acute, and Nursing Home and Long-term Care Facilities

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