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Health Policy and Politics, Fourth Edition

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    ISBN: 9781449665098
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    Fourth edition
    ISBN: 9781449665098

Jeri Milstead 

Relied upon by faculty as a centerpiece for their health policy courses, the newly updated Fourth Edition of Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse’s Guide continues to expand on the relationship between health policy and politics as they relate to the field of nursing.

This timely and relevant revision now includes:

- A completely updated chapter on economics
- The most current information on the politics surrounding health policy
- The Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Future of Nursing paper is integrated throughout the text
- A fantastic Companion Website complete with online activities to aid student learning

Practicing clinicians and administrators will learn how health policy affects them and how to get politically active, and advanced practice nurses will learn how to deliver quality health care by appropriate providers in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, readers will understand the process of public policy making, including:

    - Agenda setting
    - Government response
    - Program response
    - Implementation
    - Evaluation

Table of contents:

Chapter  1  Advanced Practice Nurses and Public Policy, Naturally
Chapter  2  Agenda Setting
Chapter  3   Government Response: Legislation
Chapter  4  Government Regulation: Parallel and Powerful
Chapter  5  Policy Design
Chapter  6  Policy Implementation
Chapter  7   Program Evaluation
Chapter  8   Impact of the Internet and Social Networking on Healthcare Policy
Chapter  9  Policy Nurses Advance Policy Agendas in Many Arenas
Chapter  10  verview: The Economics and Finance of Health Care
Chapter  11  Global Connections

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