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Health Promotion for Nurses

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With the increase of chronic disease and pressure on health professionals to improve patient outcomes, the demand for skilled professionals in the field of health promotion is stronger than ever before. Health Promotion for Nurses: A Practical Guide by Carolyn Chambers Clark and Karen Paraska provides insight into the principles of health promotion, and enables the reader to translate them into practice. The book covers traditional health promotion concepts, and incorporates their use with chronic diseases. Furthermore, the authors cover program planning, implementation, and evaluation, and discuss practical applications.

This text helps bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, and provides professionals working in the field of health promotion the necessary tools to apply the skills in their practice. It contains case studies and exercises to provide examples of how theoretical concepts can be applied in real-life situations, and also includes chapter objectives, summaries, articles, key terms, and review questions to help guide readers through the material.

This text is divided into four sections:

    Health Promotion and Theory
    Health Promotion in Action
    Health Promotion and Evidence Based Practice
    Resources for Practice

Instructor Resources include:

    Suggested Answers for Case Studies
    Review Questions
    Ask Yourself Exercises
    PowerPoint Presentations
    Test Bank

Table of Contents:

Part  I  Health Promotion and Theory
  Chapter  1  Health and Health Promotion
  Chapter  2  Health Promotion and Theory
  Chapter  3  The Nurse’s Role in Health Promotion
Part  II  Health Promotion in Action
  Chapter  4  Promoting Physical Health
  Chapter  5  Mental Health Promotion
  Chapter  6  Family Health Promotion
  Chapter  7  Healthcare Policy in the United States
Part  III  Health Promotion and Evidence Based Practice
  Chapter  8  Health Promotion Research and Evidence
  Chapter  9  Natural, Non-Invasive Approaches to Health Promotion
  Chapter  10  Health Promotion Programs: Developing, Facilitating, Measuring, and Evaluating
  Chapter  11  Management of Chronic Conditions: Using the Evidence
Part  IV  Resources for Practice
  Appendix  A  Index of CAM methodologies
  Appendix  B  Index of chronic conditions

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