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Intervention in Child Language Disorders: A Comprehensive Handbook

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Ronald B. Hoodin

A valuable reference for students and clinicians, Intervention in Child Language Disorders: A Comprehensive Handbook focuses on interventions that have been shown to be effective in helping children overcome language impairments. The Handbook is comprehensive with regard to children's ages, covering language disorders in children from infancy to high school age. Addressing fundamental principles and clinical practice methods, this indispensable resource presents creative clinical ideas and treatment examples based on a firm theoretical foundation.

Intervention in Child Language Disorders: A Comprehensive Handbook discusses language disorders resulting from a wide range of etiologies, including learning disabilities, mental retardation, physical impairments, autism, hearing impairments, brain injury and specific language impairments. This comprehensive and informative text will help students and speech-language pathologists provide optimal interventions for children with language disorders.

    Provides a straightforward presentation of intervention activities
    Comprehensive with respect to the nature of the linguistic deficiency
    Provides a basis for understanding theory and applying to practice
    Reader-friendly with easily accessible information

Table of Contents

Chapter  1  Introduction
Chapter  2  Overview of Language Acquisition
Chapter  3  Language Disorders in Children
Chapter  4  Assessment of Child Language Disorders
Chapter  5  Intervention Goals
Chapter  6  Approaches to Intervention
Chapter  7  Augmentative/Alternative Communication
Chapter  8  Multicultural Issues in Assessment and Intervention
Chapter  9  Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter  10  Exemplars of Intervention Procedures

Ronald B. Hoodin holds the rank of professor in the Speech-Language Pathology Program, Department of Special Education at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Hoodin earned a bachelor of science (1967) and master of science (1971) from Miami University. A master of science (1981) and doctor of philosophy (1986) in speech-language pathology were conferred by Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Hoodin holds the certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP). Over the years, Dr. Hoodin has provided clinical speech-language pathology services to children and adults in both educational and medical type settings. Currently, he supervises in the EMU Speech and Hearing Clinic and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in language acquisition and disorders, motor-speech disorders and anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism.

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