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Introduction to Concept Mapping in Nursing

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    ISBN: 9781449698799
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    ISBN: 9781449698799

Patricia Schmehl 

As a supporter of concept maps, I have read many books on the subject, dating back to the early 1990s. This is the most comprehensive and easy one to use, hands down. My favorite features are the online resources and the extensive discussion of how to use concept maps beyond the traditional uses. The instructor resources are high quality and a definite value. - Reviewer Feedback

Introduction to Concept Mapping in Nursing provides the foundation for what a concept map is and how to create a map that applies theory to practice. This excellent resource addresses how students will think about applying nursing theory as it relates to concept mapping. This book is unique because it focuses on a broad application of concept mapping, and ties concept mapping closely to critical thinking skills. Furthermore, this book will prepare nursing students to learn how to map out care plans for patients as they talk with patients.

Key Features & Benefits

- Demonstrates how students can think through every aspect of care by using compare and contrast tactics, critical thinking skills, and experiences a nursing student may encounter
- Includes thought-provoking questions to guide the reader through the text
- Provides a section on nursing theory complete with exercises and rationales that include concept maps so that students can understand how theory is applied to practice
- Written for students with various learning styles, so a broad range of learning activities are included to help readers understand the material

Table of contents:

Chapter  1  Understanding Concept Mapping
Chapter  2  Concept Map Components and Basic Formatting
Chapter  3  Advanced Concept Map Formatting
Chapter  4  The Data Gathering Process
Chapter  5  Constructing a Concept Map
Chapter  6  Methods of Map Composition
Chapter  7  Use of Concept Maps in Nursing
Chapter  8  Other Educational Uses for Concept Maps

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