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Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life, Eleventh Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284090505
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    Eleventh Edition
    ISBN: 9781284090505

John Morrissey, James L. Sumich & Deanna R. Pinkard-Meier

Teaching and Learning Marine Biology Just Got Easier!

Written in a conversational tone, the eleventh edition of Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life, continues to provide students with a clear and engaging introduction into the exciting world of marine organisms and the extraordinary environments in which they live. Assuming no prior knowledge to marine biology, the text uses selected groups of marine organisms to develop an understanding of biological principles and processes that are basic to all forms of life in the sea, including phytoplankton, marine plants, microbial heterotrophs and invertebrates, fishes and reptiles, as well as seabirds and marine mammals. Building on the biological basics of these groups, the text progresses to discuss the taxonomy, evolution, ecology, behavior, and physiology. Additional topics include the ocean as a habitat, patterns of associations, estuaries, coastal seas, coral reefs, the open sea, the deep sea floor, and harvesting living marine resources.

Features & Benefits
  • Features a NEW chapter discussing The Polar Seas, including an introduction to the polar environment followed by coverage of various polar organisms, how they are affected by their environment, and the effects of climate change
  • A NEW chapter, The Ocean in Motion, covers various basic oceanographic topics such as tides, waves, and circulation to help students better understand how these affect marine life
  • Learning Objectives now appear as part of each chapter opener
  • Conversational writing style is approachable to students who have no prior knowledge of marine biology
  • New Did You Know? feature boxes highlight a fascinating aspect of marine life, offering students information on contemporary events and discoveries
  • Research in Progress feature offers up-to-date statistics and modern examples of the current work and findings of marine biologists
  • Includes a new case study feature in every chapter that highlights different types of marine organisms
  • Thoroughly updated with the latest information and research

Table of Contents:
Chapter  1  The Ocean as a Habitat
Chapter  2  Patterns of Associations
Chapter  3  Phytoplankton
Chapter  4  Marine Plants
Chapter  5  Microbial Heterotrophs and Invertebrates
Chapter  6  Marine Vertebrates I: Fishes and Reptiles
Chapter  7  Marine Vertebrates II: Seabirds and Marine Mammals
Chapter  8  Estuaries
Chapter  9  Coastal Seas
Chapter  10  Coral Reefs
Chapter  11  The Open Sea
Chapter  12  The Deep Sea Floor
Chapter  13  Harvesting Living Marine Resources
Chapter  14  The Ocean in Motion
Chapter  15  The Polar Seas

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