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Jefferson Heart Institute Handbook of Cardiology

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    ISBN: 9780763760496
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9780763760496

Paul J. Mather

The Jefferson Heart Institute Handbook of Cardiology offers a comprehensive, easily navigable guide to cardiac disorders and their treatment for residents, general internists and practicing cardiologists.  This important compendium covers everything from arrhythmias to hemodynamics, fully preparing physicians to assess their cardiac patients at the point of care. Several chapters are devoted to reviewing methodologies and uses of the most up-to-date imaging technology such as echocardiography and CT/MR.

As the U.S. population ages, physicians of all stripes will need to become increasingly familiar with cardiac disorders in general and heart failure in particular. The Jefferson Heart Institute Handbook of Cardiology stands out as the authoritative text designed to address this need, packaged in the most concise, readily accessible format available.

Key Features:

    Expert treatment recommendations for a range of cardiac disorders
    Detailed guidance on cardiac imaging, including indications and methodologies
    Clinical chapters on patient prevention and disease management
    Trusted information from the renowned Jefferson Heart Institute

Table of Contents:

Chapter  1  Modifying Risk Factors in the Cardiac Patient: Part I
Chapter  2  Modifying Risk Factors in the Cardiac Patient: Part II
Chapter  3  General Principles in Cardiac Critical Care
Chapter  4  Heart Failure
Chapter  5  Evaluation and Treatment of Patients that are Candidates for and Undergoing Orthotopic Heart Transplant
Chapter  6  Pathophysiology of the Failing Heart- Basic Mechanisms: Cellular and Sub-Cellular Abnormalities
Chapter  7  Hemodynamics
Chapter  8  Coronary Interventional Techniques
Chapter  9  Stress Testing & Nuclear Cardiology
Chapter  10  Echocardiography
Chapter  11  Cardiac CT & MRI
Chapter  12  Noncardiac Surgery for the Patient with Cardiovascular Disease
Chapter  13  Bradyarrhythmias and Indications for Pacemaker Implantation
Chapter  14  Wide QRS Complex Arrhythmias
Chapter  15  Narrow QRS Complex Arrhythmias
Chapter  16  Medical Management of Peripheral Artery Disease
Chapter  17  Peripheral Artery Disease
Chapter  18  Clinical Research

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