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Learn Psychology

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    ISBN: 9781284124842
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    Learn Psychology
    ISBN: 9781284124842

Kenneth Carter & Colleen Seifert

Learn Psychology supplies the fundamental text for introductory psychology courses centred on 21st-century learners.

This comprehensive textbook presents introductory psychology in a format that is highly interactive, compatible with digital applications, and easy to use.  Fully cognisant of today's economic challenges, Learn Psychology prepares students for the modern workforce with practical applications of core concepts in psychology: a "learn by doing" approach that pairs critical analysis of psychological topics with examples from everyday life.

Psychology is the science of behaviour and mental processes, and the biological experiential, and sociocultural factors that influence behaviour. Learn Psychology highlights the multiple influences that affect psychological phenomena. Each chapter explains a given topic through the lens of the multiple influences on psychology. Psychological science and the methods involved in both classic and state-of-the-art research are presented throughout.

Learn Psychology is the flagship publication of The Learn Series, which is characterised by notable authors, visual design, and integrated assessments to aid comprehension--all delivered in both traditional print and new, innovative formats.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Psychology: An Overview  
Chapter 2: A Scientific Approach to Psychology  
Chapter 3: Neuroscience: The Biology of Behaviour  
Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception  
Chapter 5: States of Consciousness  
Chapter 6: Learning  
Chapter 7: Memory  
Chapter 8: Thinking and Language  
Chapter 9: Intelligence  
Chapter 10: Motivation  
Chapter 11: Emotion, Stress, and Health  
Chapter 12: Development Throughout the Life Span  
Chapter 13: Personality  
Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders  
Chapter 15: Therapies for Psychological Disorders  
Chapter 16: Social Psychology  

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