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Literate Thought: Understanding Comprehension and Literacy

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    First edition
    ISBN: 9780763778521

Peter V. Paul

Literate Thought: Understanding Comprehension and Literacy introduces students and professionals to the multifaceted concept of literate thought and related complex concepts such as language, literacy, cognition, and comprehension, in addition to new and multiple literacies, psychological and disciplinary models, and critico-creative thinking.

Literate Thought: Understanding Comprehension and Literacy details the various aspects of a model or theory of literate thought with examples to enhance understanding of the concept. This incisive text provides an overview of literate thought and emphasizes the necessity to develop literate thought in individuals from a multiple perspective, not just from print literacy only. With alternative and additional options for developing literate thought, the possibility to improve levels of thinking in everyone, including children with disabilities and those learning English as a second language, may be increased. This ground-breaking text provides meaningful application in practice for speech-language pathology, special education, psychology, and reading and literacy professionals. Includes chapter objectives, key concepts, chapter summaries, tables, figures, suggested readings, and review questions.
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    Critico-creative Thinking
    Cognitive and Disciplinary Structures
    New & Multiple Literacies

The populations discussed in this book include children with:

    Language or Learning Disabilities
    Visual Impairments
    Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    Cognitive or Intellectual Disabilities
    English Language Learners

Table of Contents

Chapter  1  Introduction to Literate Thought
Chapter  2  Comprehension and Literate Thought
Chapter  3  New and Multiple Literacies
Chapter  4  Cognition and Discipline Structures
Chapter  5  Critico-Creative Thinking
Chapter  6  Children with Language/Learning Disabilities
Chapter  7  Children with Sensory Disabilities
Chapter  8  Children with Developmental Disabilities
Chapter  9  English Language Learners
Chapter  10  Conclusion: Literate Thought in A Brave New World

Peter V. Paul, PhD, is a Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education & Human Ecology at the Ohio State University. One of his major responsibilities is teacher education for individuals interested in the education of d/Deaf or hard of hearing students. Dr. Paul's research interests involve the areas of vocabulary, language, and literacy. He has published extensively on language and literacy development. His scholarly texts include Education and Deafness (1990), Toward a Psychology of Deafness (1993), Literacy and Deafness (1998), Language and Deafness (2009, 4th ed.), Reading and Deafness (2010; with B. Trezek and Y. Wang), and Hearing and Deafness (2011). Dr. Paul has conducted workshops for educators and parents on an international, national, state, and local level on topics in literacy and literate thought. He is the current Editor of the American Annals of the Deaf (established in 1847), the oldest professional journal in the field of deafness. Dr. Paul has received the College of Education Senior Research Award (2000) and the Richard and Laura Kretschmer National Leadership Award in Hearing Impairment (2010).

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