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Marine Environmental Biology and Conservation

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    ISBN: 9780763773502
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Marine Environmental Biology and Conservation provides an introduction to the environmental and anthropogenic threats facing the world’s oceans, and outlines the steps that can and should be taken to protect these vital habitats. It begins with a brief overview of the essentials of marine biology and oceanography necessary to understand the conservation material.  The book then moves through the different habitats in the marine environment, such as coastal ecosystems, the open ocean, and the deep sea, exploring the organisms that live there, and what conservation dangers and solutions affect these areas.

Features & Benefits
Cover such vital topics as endangered species, overfishing, and current legislation that protects marine environments.
Includes chapter summaries and objectives, with an emphasis on critical thinking, and boxes addressing special topics of student interest.
Provides readers with a comprehensive look at modern threats facing today’s oceans.


Chapter  1  Introduction to Marine Environmental Science and Oceanography
Chapter  2  Conservation and Marine Biology
Chapter  3  Conservation of Intertidal Ecosystems
Chapter  4  Conservation of Estuary and Marsh Ecosystems
Chapter  5  Conservation of Tropical Coral Reef Ecosystems
Chapter  6  Conservation of Nearshore Ecosystems
Chapter  7  Conservation of Open Ocean Ecosystems
Chapter  8  Seafloor and Deep-Sea Ecosystems: Resource Harvest and Habitat Protection
Chapter  9  Marine Endangered Species: Conservation, Protection, and Recovery
Chapter  10  Conservation of Cetaceans
Chapter  11  Marine Fisheries: Overharvest and Conservation
Chapter  12  Ocean Conservation Laws, Agreements & Organizations

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