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Maternal and Child Health

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    ISBN: 9781449611590
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    Third edition
    ISBN: 9781449611590


Maternal and Child Health: Programs, Problems, and Policy in Public Health, Third Edition takes a developmental approach to learning about Maternal and Child Health (MCH). Organized according to fundamental principles of MCH, the book covers traditional MCH topics such as family planning and maternal and infant health as well as skills that are applicable across Public Heath disciplines such as planning, research, monitoring, and advocacy.

Successfully tested in prestigious academic programs of Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Third Edition appeals to students across the health professions and those interested in women’s health, reproductive health, maternal and infant health, the health of children and adolescents, including those with special needs.

The Third Edition is a thorough update that includes:

    New chapters on Environmental Health, Life Course, Oral Health, and Monitoring and Evaluation.
    Streamlined chapters on Assessment and Planning, MCH Research, Rights and Justice, and Advocacy and Policy Development
    New and additional material on global health and health disparities in MCH
    New material in life course theory
    New ancillary course materials for instructors

 Instructor Resources: PowerPoints, TestBank, Transition Guide

Table of Contents:

  Section  1  Foundations of Maternal and Child Health
    Chapter  1  Rights and Distributive Justice in Maternal and Child Health
    Chapter  2  Tracing the Historical Foundations of Maternal and Child Health to Contemporary Times
    Chapter  3  Families and Health
    Chapter  4  A Life Course Perspective on Maternal and Child Health
  Section  2  Determinants of Health and Health Services: The Developmental Cycle
    Chapter  5  Family Planning
    Chapter  6  Mothers and Infants
    Chapter  7  The Child from 1 to 4: The Toddler and Preschool Years
    Chapter  8  The School Age Child
    Chapter  9  Improving Adolescent Health in the 21st Century
  Section  3  Cross-Cutting Issues
    Chapter  10  Disparities in Maternal and Child Health in the U.S.
    Chapter  11  Women’s Health: A Life Cycle
    Chapter  12  Children with Special Health Care Needs
    Chapter  13  Women, Children, and Environmental Health
    Chapter  14  Issues in Maternal and Child Health Nutrition
    Chapter  15  Children’s Oral Health
    Chapter  16  Global Maternal and Child Health
  Section  4  Maternal and Child Health Skills
    Chapter  17  Research Issues in Maternal and Child Health
    Chapter  18  Assessment and Program Planning in Maternal and Child Health
    Chapter  19  Monitoring and Evaluation for Global Maternal and Child Health Programs
    Chapter  20  Advocacy and Policy Development in Maternal and Child Health

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