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Mathematical Modeling with Excel

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    ISBN: 9780763765668
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Brian Albright

Mathematical modeling is the use of applying mathematics to real-world problems and investigating important questions about their outcomes.  Mathematical Modeling with Excel presents various methods used to build and analyze mathematical models in a format that students can quickly comprehend. 

Excel is used as a tool to accomplish this goal of building and analyzing the models. Ideal for math and secondary math education majors, this text presents a wide variety of common types of models, as well as some new types, and presents each in a unique, easy-to-understand format.  End-of-chapter exercises ask students to modify or refine the existing model, analyze it further, or adapt it to similar scenarios.
Features & Benefits

- A user-friendly writing style makes the text appropriate for a wide range of students.

- Covers topics in a unique way by beginning each section with a theoretical derivation of a model scenario, then showing step-by-step instructions for implementing and dynamically analyzing the model in Excel.

- Includes an extensive section on simulation models.

- The spreadsheets, built according to instruction, allow students to dynamically change the values of parameters and analyze changes in the behavior of the model.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1  What is Mathematical Modeling?
Chapter 2  Proportionality and Geometric Similarity
Chapter 3  Empirical Modeling
Chapter 4  Discrete Dynamical Systems
Chapter 5  Differential Equations
Chapter 6  Simulation Modeling
Chapter 7  Optimization

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