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McLaughlin and Kaluzny's Continuous Quality Improvement In Health Care

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    ISBN: 9780763781545
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    Fourth edition
    ISBN: 9780763781545


“The ideas in this book could not be more timely. It presents a road map and a ‘how to’ guide for the leadership of a health care transformation that is the core work of this generation of caring professionals.”
—Brent James, MD, The Institute for Health Care Delivery Research

Through a unique interdisciplinary perspective on quality management in health care, this text covers the subjects of operations management, organizational behavior, and health services research. With a particular focus on Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement, the challenges of implementation and institutionalization are addressed using examples from a variety of health care organizations, including primary care clinics, hospital laboratories, public health departments, and academic health centers.

New to the Fourth Edition:

    All chapters have been updated to reflect recent trends in healthcare including the more global focus of CQI.
    New introductory chapters summarize the evolution of CQI and discuss the factors influencing the application and diffusion of CQI.
    Several new chapters cover ‘hot’ topics such as the role of the patient in CQI, social marketing as an approach to CQI, assessing risk and harm in patient care, CQI in public health organizations, quality improvement in nursing, and quality improvement in resource-poor countries.
    A new companion volume of case studies

Table of Contents:

Part  1  Introduction
  Chapter  1  The Global Evolution of Continuous Quality Improvement: From Japanese Manufacturing to Global Health Services
  Chapter  2  Factors Influencing the Application and Diffusion of CQI in Health Care
Part  2  Basics of Quality and Safety
  Chapter  3  Measurement, Variation and CQI Tools
  Chapter  4  Understanding and Improving Team Effectiveness in Quality Improvement
  Chapter  5  The Outcome Model of Quality
  Chapter  6  Measuring Consumer Satisfaction
  Chapter  7  The Role of the Patient in Continuous Quality Improvement
  Chapter  8  A Social Marketing Approach to Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives
  Chapter  9  Assessing Risk and Harm in the Clinical Microsystem: A Systematic Approach to Promote Patient Safety
Part  3  Implementation
  Chapter  10  CQI, Transformation, and the “Learning” Organization
  Chapter  11  The Human Face of Medical Error: Classification and Reduction
  Chapter  12  The Role of Health Information Technology in Quality Improvement: From Data to Decisions
Part  4  Applications
  Chapter  13  Preparing Health Professionals: Harnessing the Power of the Clinical Microsystem to Improve Quality and Safety of Care
  Chapter  14  Quality Improvement in Primary Care: The Role of Organization, Systems, and Collaboratives
  Chapter  15  Quality Improvement Organizations and Continuous Quality Improvement in Medicare
  Chapter  16  Continuous Quality Improvement in U.S. Public Health Organizations: Moving Beyond Quality Assurance
  Chapter  17  Quality Improvement in Nursing
  Chapter  18  Accreditation - a regulatory mechanism to promote quality and safety in health care organizations
  Chapter  19  Quality Improvement in Resource-Poor Countries
  Chapter  20  A Call to Action for Transforming Healthcare in the Future

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