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Media and Criminal Justice: The CSI Effect

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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9780763755317

Dennis J. Stevens,

Media and Criminal Justice: The CSI Effect illustrates how media coverage and television programs influence the public’s perception of criminal justice.  Fiction is often mistaken for reality, and this phenomenon called “The CSI Effect” adds to the assumption that all criminal cases can be easily solved through the employment of high-tech forensic science, as depicted on television crime shows. Over 400 prosecutors assist in explaining the CSI Effect's influence which reinforces America's troubled wars on crime, junkies, poverty and immigrants, and produces a greater tolerance of official misconduct, and an escalation of wrongful convictions. This text explores common misconceptions and their consequences, providing readers with the ability to critically analyze information promoted by the media and entertainment. Comprehensive and balanced coverage of timely events in crime scene investigation, prosecutorial discretion, and wrongful convictions are also provided.

Key Features:

    Current real-world examples provide reliable documented information and data, to help readers reach informed decisions about important issues.
    Discusses principle theories and scholarly research of criminal justice procedures, and how they can be applied to new present circumstances and experiences.

Table of Contents:

Dedication & Acknowledgments
About the Author
Chapter 1  The Media and the CSI Craze
Chapter 2  Motion Pictures, Popular Television Dramas, News Reports
Chapter 3  Wars on Crime and Junkies
Chapter 4  Wars on Sex Offenders and Poverty
Chapter 5  War on Immigrants
Chapter 6  Crime Scene Investigations, Forensics, and Junk Science
Chapter 7  Prosecutors
Chapter 8  Wrongful Convictions
Chapter 9  The Death Penalty
Chapter 10  Methodology and Findings
Chapter 11  Recommendations to Reduce Wrongful Convictions and Eliminate Capital Punishment
Appendix 1  Questionnaire

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