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New Leadership for Today's Health Care Professionals

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    First edition
    ISBN: 9781284023572


 With Obama’s Healthcare Reform Plan taking form, healthcare professionals realize that the U.S. delivery system will be changing. Old leadership models can no longer be effective. There is an expectation that a more adaptable, proactive, innovative professional is needed to lead the nation’s healthcare workforce.

This book offers a comprehensive view of the leadership competencies necessary to be successful in today’s healthcare industry. Each chapter is written by a leader in the healthcare industry under the guidance of the editors who have many years’ experience in academia.

Written with the undergraduate health professional student in mind, the book covers essential leadership concepts and offers many pedagogical features to engage the student in learning. Cases related to each chapter topic are woven into the text to help the student comprehend the practical side of the principles examined.

Table of Contents:

About the Editors  
  Chapter  1  A Call for New Leadership in Healthcare
  Chapter  2  Developing Healthcare Leaders
  Chapter  3  The Culturally Competent Leader
  Chapter  4  Creating a Culture of Professionalism
  Chapter  5  Human Resource Considerations at the Top
  Chapter  6  Strategic Thinking Leaders
  Chapter  7  Building a Successful Leadership Team
  Chapter  8  Leading Quality Initiatives
  Chapter  9  Collaborative Leadership
  Chapter  10  Transformational Leadership
  Chapter  11  Patient and Family Centered Leadership
  Chapter  12  Financial Considerations for Healthcare Leaders
  Chapter  13  The Physician Leader
  Chapter  14  Governance in a New Era
  Chapter  15  Leadership and Community Outreach
  Chapter  16  Emerging Trends in Healthcare: Implications for Leadership

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