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Nutrition and Obesity: Assessment, Management and Prevention

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    First edition
    ISBN: 9780763778507

KazaksĀ & Stern

Nutrition and Obesity: Assessment, Management and Prevention is a necessary, timely, and comprehensive text that provides an up-to-date, scientifically accurate study of our current understanding of the causes, consequences, and potential of individual and public responses to the serious health issue of obesity. It presents major concepts about obesity including new knowledge gained from recent advances in research on health risks, energy balance, eating behaviors, the biology of hunger and satiety, and pharmacotherapy and surgery as treatments for obesity. Additionally, the text sets obesity in a public health context that includes local, national, and international environmental policy approaches to assessment and prevention.

Features & Benefits:

- Discusses on-the job weight management strategies, an important setting for intervention since most Americans spend more than half of their waking hours at work.

- Describes how the most recent USDA physical activity guidelines are used to achieve energy balance and weight management

- Considers claims and controversies surrounding weight loss products, procedures, and programs
Includes chapters on epidemiology, assessment, causes, and risks associated with overweight and obesity

- Addresses strategies and research about methods and importance of individual behavior change as well as environmental and social change.

Table of Contents:

Section 1  Epidemiology, Assessment, Causes, and Risks Associated With Presence of Overweight and Obesity
  Chapter 1  Current Obesity Trends
  Chapter 2  Assessment of Body Weight and Body Composition
  Chapter 3  Causes of Obesity
  Chapter 4  Health and economic consequences of obesity
Section 2  Strategies and research for weight management and obesity prevention
  Chapter 5  Dietary Interventions for Obesity Prevention and Management
  Chapter 6  Physical Activity
  Chapter 7  Pharmacologic agents in obesity management
  Chapter 8  Surgical options for obesity
  Chapter 9  Behavioral aspects of weight management
  Chapter 10  Where does responsibility lie?
  Chapter 11  New insights and future directions in obesity research

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