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Nutrition Education: Linking Research, Theory and Practice

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    ISBN: 9781284078008
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    Third Edition
    ISBN: 9781284078008

Isobel R. Contento

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Nutrition Education: Linking Research, Theory and Practice, Third Edition provides a simple, straightforward model for designing effective nutrition education programs that address the personal and environmental influences affecting individuals’ food choices and assists them in adopting healthy behaviors throughout their lifetime. Using a six-step process, the Third Edition integrates research, theory, and practice and provides advice and direction on designing, implementing and evaluating theory-based nutrition education.

This text is divided into three parts:
  1. Part I describes the key elements of success for nutrition education, as well as the major theories that can be used in nutrition education interventions.
  2. Part II features the 6-step process for designing nutrition education, translating theory into concrete objectives and strategies that can be practically implemented. It includes worksheets and case studies to provide a clear illustration of each step.
  3. Part III describes the nuts and bolts of implementing nutrition education, including information on leading groups, working with diverse populations, making presentations, and using media effectively.

Features & Benefits
  • Improved readability ensures that students grasp key content presented throughout the text
  • New and updated Nutrition Education in Action boxes highlight recent nutrition education initiatives and identify best practices and the latest research
  • Clear, easy-to-employ Worksheets allow students and nutrition educators to develop their own programs using the DESIGN process
  • Case examples throughout the text illustrate the use of theory in practice
  • End-of-chapter Questions and Activities reinforce key concepts

Table of Contents

Part  I  Linking Research, Theory and Practice: The Foundations
  Chapter  1  Nutrition Education: Important, Exciting and Necessary for Today's Complex World
  Chapter  2  Determinants of Food Choice and Dietary Change: Implications For Nutrition Education
  Chapter  3  An Overview of Nutrition Education: Facilitating Motivation, Ability and Support for Behavior Change
  Chapter  4  Increasing Awareness and Enhancing Motivation for Behavior Change
  Chapter  5  Facilitating the Ability to Change Behavior and Take Action
  Chapter  6  Promoting Environmental Supports For Behavior Change
Part  II  Using Research and Theory In Practice: A Stepwise Procedure For Designing Theory-Based Nutrition Education
  Chapter  7  Step 1: Deciding Behavior Change Goals of the Intervention Based On Assessing Issues and Behaviors of Audience
  Chapter  8  Step 2: Exploring Determinants Of Intervention Behavior Change Goals
  Chapter  9  Step 3: Selecting Theory and Clarifying Intervention Philosophy
  Chapter  10  Step 4: Indicating Objectives: Translating Behavioral Theory into Educational Objectives
  Chapter  11  Step 5: Generating Educational Plans: A Focus On Enhancing Motivation For Behavior Change And Taking Action
  Chapter  12  Step 5: Generating Educational Plans: A Focus On Facilitating The Ability To Change Behavior And Take Action
  Chapter  13  Step 6: Nailing Down the Evaluation Plan
  Chapter  14  Using the DESIGN Procedure to Promote Environmental Supports for Behavior Change
Part  III  Using Research and Theory In Practice: A Stepwise Procedure For Designing Theory-Based Nutrition Education
  Chapter  15  Delivering Nutrition Education Effectively in Group Settings
  Chapter  16  Media Supports And Other Channels for Nutrition Education
  Chapter  17  Working with Diverse Age, Cultural, and Population Groups
  Chapter  18  Nutrition Educators as Change Agents in the Environment

Isobel R. Contento, PhD, CDN-Teachers College Columbia University

Isobel R. Contento, PhD has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland and an MA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently the Mary Swartz Rose Professor of Nutrition Education and Coordinator of the Program in Nutrition, Department of Health Behavior Studies, Teachers College Columbia University, New York City. Her research has focused on the behavioral aspects of nutrition, particularly psychosocial factors influencing food choice and behavior change in children and adolescents. Dr. Contento has been involved in the development and evaluation of many nutrition education curricula and programs. She has also served on advisory committees for the American Cancer Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Institute of Medicine.

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