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Personal and Professional Growth for Health Care Professionals

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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781284096217

David Tipton

Personal and Professional Growth for Health Care Professionals blends aspects of professional development with issues related to personal development. This text includes the use of the multi-stage model of professional development: perception, judgment, motivation, prioritization, decision process, and professional implementation, as well as a discussion on the psychology of professionalism. Topics include: working and communicating across generations, impressions, interprofessional relationships, communication, and professionalism: as a student, a clinician, and at work.

Personal and Professional Growth for Health Care Professionals will help students connect the ideas of professionalism to themselves with relevant case studies and discussion questions. This accessible text provides students with thoughts about personal development which they can apply as they enter the workforce. This is an excellent resource to prepare students with the non-clinical skills to begin a career in health care.

  • Mind Mapping Exercises
  • Case Study Vignettes
  • Classroom Activities
  • Issues for Discussion
  • End-of-Chapter Exercises
  • Chapter Summaries

Table of Contents
  •  Chapter  1  Personal and Professional Growth in Health Care
  •   Chapter  2  A Model of Professionalism
  •   Chapter  3  Psychology of Professionalism
  •   Chapter  4  The Dark Side
  •   Chapter  5  Personality
  •   Chapter  6  Emotional Intelligence 
  •   Chapter  7  Thinking and Cognition
  •   Chapter  8  Millennials and Working Across Generations 
  •   Chapter  9  Impressions
  •   Chapter  10  Professionalism as a Student
  •   Chapter  11  Professionalism at Work
  •   Chapter  12  Professionalism as a Clinician
  •   Chapter  13  Interpprofessional Relationships: Communicating and Connecting
  •   Chapter  14  Health Care in the United States
  •   Chapter  15  Law and Ethics

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