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Plant Biochemistry

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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781449628666

Dr. Florence Gleason and Raymond Chollet

Written for the upper-level undergraduate and graduate course, Plant Biochemistry provides a comprehensive, student-friendly introduction to this fascinating area of study. It opens with a discussion of perhaps the most important biochemical processes on the plant: Photosynthesis and carbon fixation in plants.  An introduction to carbohydrates, their usage and their storage, is followed by a discussion of primary cell wall structure and synthesis, as well as coverage of the metabolism of inorganic nutrients such as nitrogen and sulfur.  To ensure full student comprehension and retention, the text takes care to introduce basic metabolic pathways for the synthesis of lipids, steroids, and aromatic amino acids before discussing natural products such as lignin, flavonoids, and alkaloids.  A PowerPoint Image Bank and PowerPoint Lecture Outlines are available for instructor use, and an open-access Student Companion Website, complete with dedicated review materials is available for students.

Features & Benefits
Offers a student-friendly, accessible, and simplified introduction to the plant biochemistry.
A complete ancillary package provides the pedagogical tools essential for student learning.
Covers the latest findings in the field.


Chapter  1  Photosynthesis—The Light Reaction
Chapter  2  Carbon Dioxide Fixation
Chapter  3  Storage and Utilization of Fixed Carbon
Chapter  4  Primary Cell Walls
Chapter  5  Nitrogen and Sulfur Metabolism
Chapter  6  Lipids
Chapter  7  Isoprenoid Compounds (Terpenes)
Chapter  8  Aromatic and Phenolic Compounds
Chapter  9  Alkaloids
Chapter  10  Plant Peptides and Proteins
Appendix  1  Structure and Properties of the 20 alpha-Amino Acids Commonly Found in Proteins
Appendix  2  Oxidation–Reduction (Redox)
Appendix  3  Steady-State Enzyme Kinetics
Appendix  4  Protein Three-Dimensional Structure Determination
Appendix  5  Reactive Oxygen Species
Appendix  6  Amino Acid Biosynthesis
Appendix  7  Light Properties and Analysis

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