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Principles and Practice of Toxicology in Public Health

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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9781449645267


All public health professionals should have some level of knowledge of the basic principles of Toxicology. Whether dealing with issues as diverse as a workers’ compensation claim for a job-related exposure and injury or the removal of toxic wastes from an urban community, public health professionals must be able to communicate with each other, the public, and our political leaders concerning how chemicals can, and the conditions under which they may, realistically produce harm.

Principles and Practice of Toxicology in Public Health provides students with an understanding of the nature and scope of the discipline, so that they may be prepared to participate in a meaningful way in the often highly visible problem-solving and decision-making processes required of public health professionals.

In four sections, it offers an introduction to the field, as well as the basics of toxicology principles, systemic toxicity, and toxicology practice. The text is immediately readable for the student with little technical background.

The Second Edition is a thorough update that has been expanded with a new chapter on endocrine toxicology.

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Table of Contents:

    Chapter  1  Toxicology and Its Roots as a Science
    Chapter  2  Chemical Properties and Information Resources on Hazardous Chemicals
    Chapter  3  Toxicity and the Factors That Modify Toxic Responses
    Chapter  4  Biological Poisons:?Plant and Animal Toxins
    Chapter  5  Environmental Pollutants and Their Fate
    Chapter  6  Dose and Response
    Chapter  7  Absorption of Toxicants and Models of Disposition
    Chapter  8  Distribution, Storage, and Elimination of Toxicants
    Chapter  9  Biotransformation
    Chapter  10  Chemical-Induced Mutagenesis
    Chapter  11  Chemicals and Cancer
    Chapter  12  Role of the Immune System
    Chapter  13  Skin
    Chapter  14  The Liver and Kidneys
    Chapter  15  The Cardiovascular System
    Chapter  16  The Respiratory System
    Chapter  17  The Nervous System
    Chapter  18  The Endocrine System
    Chapter  19  The Practice of Toxicology
    Chapter  20  Regulatory Considerations
    Chapter  21  Toxicity Testing
    Chapter  22  Uses and Limitations of Product Labeling for Public Safety
    Chapter  23  Toxicology Principles in the Management of Acute Poisonings
    Chapter  24  Risk Assessment and the Perception of Risk
    Chapter  25  Making Informed Decisions
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