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Public Health 101: Healthy People–Healthy Populations, Enhanced Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284123845
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    Second Edition
    ISBN: 9781284123845

Richard Riegelman, Brenda Kirkwood,

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From clean drinking water, to seat belts, to immunizations, the impact of public health on every individual is undeniable. For undergraduates, an understanding of the foundations of public health is an essential step toward becoming an educated citizen.

Public Health 101: Healthy People––Healthy Populations, Enhanced Second Edition provides a big-picture, population perspective on the determinants of health and disease and the tools available to protect and promote health. It examines the full range of options for intervention including use of the healthcare system, the public health system, and society-wide systems such as laws and taxation.

Through case studies, vignettes, and extensive examples, readers will come away with a clear understanding of how public health affects them in their everyday lives. They will learn and apply frameworks for thinking about the issues of public health and gain a deeper understanding about the health news they are exposed to each day.

With approximately 100 additional pages, the Enhanced Second Edition is a thorough update that offers multiple new cases, boxes, and tables in each section. Two new chapters expand Section V on Public Health Institutions and Systems including a chapter on Food and Drugs as Public Health Issues and Systems Thinking and the Future of Population Health.

The new edition maintains the same successful format and organisation as the first edition, including use of introductory vignettes, a question/answer format, boxes for more information and in-depth examples, and case study exercises as the end of each section.

The new edition also continues to fulfill the curriculum framework, learning objectives and “enduring understandings” of undergraduate public health education as recommended by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR).

Table of Contents:

The Essential Public Health Series  
Preface  What is Public Health 101 All About?  
About the Authors  
Section  I  Principles of Population Health
    Chapter  1  Public Health: The Population Health Approach
    Chapter  2  Evidence-Based Public Health
Section  I  Cases and Discussion Questions
Section  II  Tools of Population Health
    Chapter  3  Public Health Data and Communications
    Chapter  4  Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health
    Chapter  5  Health Law, Policy, and Ethics
Section  II  Cases and Discussion Questions
Section  III  Preventing Disease, Disability, and Death
    Chapter  6  Non-Communicable Diseases
    Chapter  7  Communicable Diseases
    Chapter  8  Environmental Health and Safety
Section  III  Cases and Discussion Questions 
Section  IV  Health Professionals, Healthcare Institutions, and Healthcare Systems
    Chapter  9  Health Professionals and the Health Workforce
    Chapter  10  Healthcare Institutions
    Chapter  11  Health Insurance and Healthcare Systems
Section  IV  Cases and Discussion Questions
Section  V  Public Health Institutions and Systems
    Chapter  12  Public Health Institutions and Systems
    Chapter  13  Food and Drugs as Public Health Issues
    Chapter  14  From Single Solutions to Systems Thinking – The Future of Population Health
Section  V  Cases and Discussion Questions
  One Health: From Aids to Zika 

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