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Public Health Nursing, Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9781449683580
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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9781449683580

Truglio-Londrigan & Lewenson

 With new chapters on disaster management, primary health care, and new technologies used in public health nursing and public health education, this newly revised Second Edition of Public Health Nursing: Practicing Population-Based Care is a must-have resource for students and faculty interested in public health nursing and education.

- Defines public health using historical evidence

- Addresses competencies of public health, including Population Health, Personal Health, Emergency Preparedness, and Leadership
- Explores the use of technology in public health, and covers other hot topics such as community assessment, population-based health education, policy development, coalition-building, case management, clinical care, personal health assessment, response planning, communication, workforce development, and business management
- Offers an innovative assessment tool that uses Healthy People 2020 as its framework
- Focuses on 17 intervention strategies identified in the Population-Based Public Health Nursing Practice Intervention Wheel
- Examines how these interventions can be applied to the three levels of practice: individual/family, community, and systems
- Accompanied by a Companion Website packed with online learning tools and activities to help engage students and further their understanding of the material in the text

Table of contents:

Chapter  1  What is Public Health and Public Health Nursing?
Chapter  2  Public Health Nursing in the United States: A History
Chapter  3  Assessment: Using the Public Health Nursing Assessment Tool
Chapter  4  Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Social Epidemiology
Chapter  5  Evidence-Based Practice From a Public Health Perspective
Chapter  6  Informatics in Public Health Nursing
Chapter  7  Considerations of Culture in the Health of the Public
Chapter  8  Health Care Policy and Politics: The Risk and Rewards for Public Health Nurses
Chapter  9  Hitting the Pavement: Intervention of Case Finding
Chapter  10  Running the Show: Referral and Follow-up, Case Management, and Delegated Functions
Chapter  11  Working It Out: Consultation, Counseling, and Health Teaching
Chapter  12  Working Together: Collaboration, Coalition Building, and Community Organizing
Chapter  13  Getting the Word Out: Advocacy, Social Marketing, and Policy Development and Enforcement
Chapter  14  Protecting, Sustaining, and Empowering: A Historical Perspective on the Control of Epidemics
Chapter  15  Historical Highlights in Disaster Nursing
Chapter  16  Emergency Preparedness in the 21st Century: Two post 9/11 case studies
Chapter  17  Nursing Education and Public Health Nursing
Chapter  18  Epilogue: A Conversation about Primary Health Care

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