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Radiation Protection in Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging

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    ISBN: 9781449652814
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781449652814

Euclid Seeram, Patrick Brennan

WILL PUBLISH: 15/01/2016

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Radiation protection in diagnostic imaging is an integral part of the education and skill-set of radiologic technologists who play a significant role in the optimization of the radiation dose to the population. Radiation Protection in Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging provides students and clinicians with the knowledge and tools to protect not only the patient, but personnel and members of the public as well. This comprehensive text reviews the critical issues in radiologic protection and presents these key topics regarding medial physics in an accessible manner for clinicians, radiographers, and other health professionals.

Radiation Protection in Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging covers the recent developments that have been introduced to address the increasing dose to the patient and new assessment tools for use in dose optimization studies. This accessible text includes an overview of the biological effects of radiation exposure, outlines the fundamental physical principles and technical aspects of radiation protection, as well as current regulatory and guidance recommendations for radiation protection in diagnostic imaging. Unique topics and coverage includes: radiation protection organizations, dose in digital radiography, dose in computed tomography, image quality assessment tools for dose optimization in x-ray imaging, diagnostic reference levels, and radiation protection through quality control.

Radiation Protection in Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging meets the educational requirements (for entry to practice) of the following professional radiologic technology associations: the American Association of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), the College of Radiographers in the United Kingdom, and radiography societies and associations in Asia, Australia, and Europe and Africa regions. Radiation Protection in Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging is an excellent choice for both diploma and degree level program education as well as for clinical reference.

  • Based on material from ASRT, ARRT and CAMRT, as well as Current Concepts of Radiation Protection
  • Content is mapped to the ARRT Radiation Protection Examination Specifications and ASRT Radiation Protection Objectives
  • In addition to topics prescribed by the ARRT for the certification examination, this book includes topics for advanced study

Table of Contents:
Part  1  Radiation Protection Overview
  Chapter  1  Radiation Protection Overview
  Chapter  2  Basic Physic for Radiation Protection: An Overview
  Chapter  3  Radiation Exposure and Dosimetry
Part  2  Biological Effects of Radiation
  Chapter  4  Biological Effects of Radiation
Part  3  General Radiation Protection Principles and Concepts
  Chapter  5  Current Radiation Protection Standards
  Chapter  6  Radiation Protection Organizations
  Chapter  7  Factors Affecting Dose in Radiographic Imaging
  Chapter  8  Factors Affecting Dose in Fluoroscopy
  Chapter  9  Dose in Digital Radiography
  Chapter  10  Radiation Dose in Computed Tomography
Part  4  Tools for Dose Optimization Studies
  Chapter  11  Image Quality Assessment Tools for Dose Optimization in X-Ray Imaging
  Chapter  12  Diagnostic Reference Levels
  Chapter  13  Optimization of Radiation Protection: Regulatory and Guidance Recommendations
  Chapter  14  Protective Shielding in Diagnostic Radiology
Part  5  Radiation Protection Through Quality Control
  Chapter  15  Radiation Protection Through Quality Control

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