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Stallcup's® Generator, Transformer, Motor and Compressor, 2011 Edition

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    ISBN: 9781449605735
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    First edition
    ISBN: 9781449605735


Stallcup’s® Generator, Transformer, Motor and Compressor, 2011 Edition has been fully revised to bring electrical personnel up-to-code on all types of rotating machinery.  The new 2011 Edition expertly explains how to select, operate, construct, and maintain the most common types of rotating machinery correctly and efficiently. Divided into three comprehensive parts, Stallcup’s® introduces users to the theory, methods, and applications of generators (Part 1), transformers (Part 2), and motors, controllers and compressors (Part 3). This text fully explains how these devises work and which Code rules apply. In keeping with the previous edition, the text features numerous illustrations to enhance comprehension, clarify complex concepts, and offer hands-on assistance for easier compliance with today’s requirements.

Additional Topics Covered in the 2011 Edition:

    Reviews generator location, nameplate markings, overcurrent protection, ampacity of conductors, protection of live parts, plus emergency system and hospital generators
    Discusses motor and compressor design and code letters, starting methods, overcurrent protection, and overload protection
    Examines transformer windings, wye-connected transformers, delta-connected transformers, installation, vaults, sizing, troubleshooting
    Includes hundreds of test questions for exam preparation

Features & Benefits

    Completely updated for the 2011 National Electrical Code®
    Covers NEC® rules and techniques for working with all types of rotating machinery
    Fully illustrated to help users visualize key information
    Logically arranged into three sections to provide a user-friendly review of the Code as it applies to generators, transformers, motors and compressors
    Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter to test students' knowledge of chapter material

Table of Contents:

Part  1  Generators
  Chapter  1  Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  Chapter  2  Generator Principles
  Chapter  3  Generators and the NEC
  Chapter  4  Emergency System Generators
  Chapter  5  Legally Required and Optional Standby Systems
  Chapter  6  Generators Supplying Essential Loads for Hospitals
Part  2  Transformers
  Chapter  7  Transformer Theory
  Chapter  8  Installing Transformers
  Chapter  9  Transformer Vaults
  Chapter  10  Sizing Transformers and Connections
  Chapter  11  Protecting Transformers
  Chapter  12  Secondary Ties
  Chapter  13  Windings and Components
Part  3  Motors
  Chapter  14  Motor Theory
  Chapter  15  Types of Motors
  Chapter  16  Design Letters and Code Letters
  Chapter  17  Starting Methods
  Chapter  18  Overcurrent Protection for Individual Motors
  Chapter  19  Overload Protection for Individual Motors
  Chapter  20  Motor Feeder and Branch-Circuit Conductors
  Chapter  21  Control Circuit Conductors and Components
  Chapter  22  Connecting Controls for Operation
  Chapter  23  Troubleshooting Motor Windings and Components
  Chapter  24  Compressor Motors

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