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Tension-Type and Cervicogenic Headache: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Management

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    ISBN: 9780763752835
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César Fernández-de-las-Peñas, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Robert D. Gerwin,

The first textbook covering physical therapy as well as physical medicine aspects of these two highly prevalent headache disorders from both a clinical and evidence-based perspective.

Written and contributed by international experts, Tension-Type and Cervicogenic Headache: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management provides the best current evidence on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of patients with the highly prevalent tension type and cervicogenic headache, integrating the most recent clinical research data with basic science knowledge. It covers both physical therapy and physical medicine approaches to the management of these headache disorders, paying special attention to the relevance of the cervical joints and muscles in the etiology of these two headache types.

Tension-Type and Cervicogenic Headache: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management offers clear guidance for physical examination and identification of underlying patho-physiological and functional causative and maintaining features, together with manual as well as more invasive treatment options. It is the first text to provide such a comprehensive compilation of the best evidence - both empirical and clinical - regarding physical therapy care of patients with tension and cervicogenic headache.

Important topics include:

    the manual examination of both joint and muscles of the cervical and thoracic spine
    examination techniques supported by clinical reasoning procedure and based on the most recent research
    the research basis and—in absence of sufficient research evidence—the pathophysiologic rationale for the use of the various physical therapy management techniques
    a detailed and well-illustrated review of non-invasive physical therapy management techniques available to the clinician
    spinal manipulative procedures including joint mobilization, manipulation, muscle energy, and soft tissues techniques directed at the cervical and thoracic spine and the temporomandibular joints
    a variety of therapeutic tools for the management of several musculoskeletal disorders that frequently cause tension-type and cervicogenic headache
    relevant invasive physical therapy and physical medicine techniques including dry needling and injection of botulinum toxin, commonly used in the management of headache disordersthe pharmacological interventions most commonly used for the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of these headache disorders

Table of Contents:

Part  I  Introduction
  Chapter  1  Introduction
  Chapter  2  Epidemiology of Headache
  Chapter  3  Medical Approach to Headaches
Part  II  Patho-physiology of Tension Type Headache
  Chapter  4  Nature of Muscle Pain
  Chapter  5  Patho-physiology of Referred Muscle Pain
  Chapter  6  Muscle Trigger points in Tension Type Headache
  Chapter  7  Suboccipital Muscle Contribution to Tension Type Headache
  Chapter  8  Forward Head Posture in Headaches
  Chapter  9  Sensitization in Tension Type Headache: A Pain Model
Part  III  Patho-physiology of Cervicogenic Headache
  Chapter  10  The Anatomy and Physiology of the Trigemino-Cervical Complex
  Chapter  11  Cervicogenic Headache: Consideration on Pathogenesis
  Chapter  12  Motor Control Impairment in Cervicogenic Headache
Part  IV  Physical Examination of Patients with Headache
  Chapter  13  Clinical Reasoning in the Diagnosis: History Taking in Patients with Headache
  Chapter  14  Cervical Spine Assessment in Patients with Headache
  Chapter  15  Thoracic Spine Assessment in Patients with Headache
  Chapter  16  Manual Identification of Trigger Points in the Muscles Associated with Headache
  Chapter  17  Examination of the Orofacial Region in Patients with Headache
Part  V  Neuro-physiological Effects of Some Physical Therapy Interventions
  Chapter  18  Neuro-physiological Effects of Spinal Manipulation
  Chapter  19  Therapeutic Mechanisms Underlying Muscle Energy Approaches
  Chapter  20  Neuro-physiological Effects of Neural Mobilization Maneuvers
  Chapter  21  Neuro-physiological Effects of Needling Therapies
Part  VI  Conservative Management of Tension Type and Cervicogenic Headaches
  Chapter  22  Cervical Joint Mobilization Techniques in Patients with Headache
  Chapter  23  Cervical Joint Manipulation Procedures Applied to Patients with Headaches
  Chapter  24  Thoracic Spine Interventions for the Management of Patients with Headache
  Chapter  25  Muscle Energy Techniques
  Chapter  26  Neuromuscular Approaches
  Chapter  27  Myofascial Induction Approaches for Patients with Headache
  Chapter  28  Physical Therapy Interventions for the Orofacial Region
  Chapter  29  Therapeutic Exercise of the Cervical Spine for Patients with Headache
  Chapter  30  Neurodynamic Interventions for the Management of Patients with Headache
  Chapter  31  Needling of Head, Neck and Shoulder Muscle Trigger Points Relevant to Headache
  Chapter  32  Botulinum Toxin A in the Treatment of Headaches
  Chapter  33  Psychological Aspects of Chronic Headache Treatment
  Chapter  34  Physical Therapy Diagnosis and Management of a Patient with Chronic Daily Headache: Translating Knowledge to Clinical Practice

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