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Understanding Health Care Management

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    ISBN: 9781449632106


This collection of case studies is designed for use in both undergraduate and graduate courses in health care administration. With contributions from a range of experts including present and former CEOs, consultants, public health officials, systems executives, departmental managers, architects, planners and entrepreneurs, this robust classroom resource brings together practical, real world examples of issues and topics that are critical to understanding the complex field of health care management.

Table of Contents:

About the Author   
About the Contributors  
  Chapter  1  Introduction
  Chapter  2  Patients and Their Families
  Chapter  3  Corporate Governance
  Chapter  4  Human Resources Management
  Chapter  5  Organizational Management
  Chapter  6  Managing Change
  Chapter  7  Planning
  Chapter  8  Marketing
  Chapter  9  Financial Issues
  Chapter  10  Legal Issues
  Chapter  11  Planning Through The OIG Advisory Process

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